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TrafficBoost – Premium Rate Services – UK, Ireland

One of the best tools I use is CampainShield. I was using this from its Beta. My cost savings are now substantial and keeps me compliant. All my Premium SMS services run through CampaignShield to monitor and provide us with peace of mind. Roberto Gay

Zoo Mob – Premium Rate Services – Europe

Zoo Mob uses CampaignShield for all our landing pages. We push the traffic they help us with our monitoring of our Premium SMS so we know what to change and when via their superb reports. This helps keeps us compliant and away from regulation issues, for a cost that is far less than the consultancy route or us having an in-house team of people to do the same job! Andrew Chong

Cupid – Premium SMS, Payforit – UK

We have been using CampaignShield for several months from Beta and we have to say - it works great! It helps us check a stage further than we can check in-house; by monitoring our promotions for our Payforit traffic. We use the CampaignShield Seal across all of our mobile and website promotions to gain both user trust and confidence. Letting the regulators know we care about our customers. Since using CampaignShield and adding the seal we have had just over a 4% increase in payments. Christophe Mitchel