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CampaignShield keeps your sales coming in while helping you to stay compliant, meaning less downtime from technical or regulatory issues. Our solution comes in a few options, all depending on how many campaigns you need to monitor. If you are a mobile network or regulator and require more than 25 campaigns, contact us.

Mobile Payments

Single Campaign (Includes SIM Testing)

For those that require only the one campaign (or SIM Testing) to be monitored.

Per Campaign: £89.99 (~€ 100,63 or ~$ 118.51)

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Premium Rate Billing

2 to 5 Campaigns

More than just the one campaign, for those that have multiple campaigns.

Per Campaign: £34.99  (~€ 39,13 or ~$ 46.08)

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Mobile Payments

6 to 10 Campaigns

For those service providers that need to monitor many ongoing campaigns.

Per Campaign: £24.99  (~€ 27,95 or ~$ 32.91)

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30 Days free – you won’t be charged until after your 30 day free trial ends. 

There is a small fee (variable for each test on your services) to cover Operator and testing Fees. Any variable fees are non-refundable in trial mode.


Please see terms for full conditions of payment.

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