SIM Testing

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SIM Testing

SIM Test Kit

CampaignShield provides you with a superb SIM Testing Kit, providing an easy and efficient way to test your mobile services across multiple countries; in over 30 countries and 100 mobile operators.

CampagnShield provides access to an extensive network of mobile operators, deployed in various countries around the world. In each market you have access to the local mobile operator, through where you can test the functionality of your mobile services from a central point, as if you were physically present within the reach of the local mobile operator.

How our Test Kit works?

1. Register to get your CampaignShield account.

2. Log-in to CampaignShield.

3. From the Create Campaign section choose ‘SIM Testing’

4. Send and receive messages as if you were physically present in the chosen country.

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Test your services. Any time.

  • Accessible and user-friendly web based online platform available 24/7
  • Low cost start up: there is no need to buy any hardware or software
  • CampaignShield SIM Testing works online
  • Support is online 24/7
  • Over 100 operators available to test on!
  • Real time spending control

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