Examples of Companies using CampaignShield to Protect their Business

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Example uses of CampaignShield

View the health and availability of your services so you can be sure it’s tuned, optimised and running at peak performance for your customers– see where your services can be fixed, tweaked or improved. Some typical example uses of companies that use CampaignShield include:

CampaignShield Seal

CampaignShield Seal

1. Technical Issue

Company x thought they billed all messages correctly over a period of 2 months. They did not realise at any time they were not billing.

Result: Non Payout

Similar content provider using CampaignShield received 100% of their messages billed, as they discovered from day one that their messages were not billing correctly using CampaignShield’s sophisticated monitoring.

Result: Full Payout.


2. Over Subscribing Users

Company x received a fine for ‘over billing’ users on their mobile subscription service.

Result: Fine. Partial Payout.

Similar content company using CampaignShield showed all logs and corrections made with their billing flows and systems and had the logs of corrections to the service.

Result: Less Fine. Partial Payout.


3. Non use of STOP command in Premium Rate Services

Company x received a fine for non-stop (not opting mobile billing subscribers out of their service).

Result: Large Fine. Non Payout.

Similar Content Provider received less fine for non-stop. Stop command issue was corrected shortly after discovered and they had a complete audit trail, using CampaignShield for the auditors.

Result: Less Fine.



4. Service Providers Affiliate’s pushing bad traffic.

Company x received a fine for not monitoring their affiliate’s and their affiliate network, when pushing bad traffic; false, misleading advertising to consumers.

Result: Large Fine. Part Payout. 

Similar Content Provider received less fine for monitoring their affiliates. Rogue affiliate’s taken offline and corrected shortly after being discovered. Complete audit trail on their affiliate marketing (listed by affiliate - time and date stamped) using CampaignShield for the auditors.

Result: Less Fine.

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CampaignShield for everyone…

  • Monitor your mobile campaigns. Track any billing or service flow anomalies.
  • Provide you with knowledge you services are working correctly.
  • Provide you with proof to show your Aggregator that your service is working correct and company.
  • Compliance. If a regulator asks about due care and attention for technical checking, you can show CampaignShield reports.
  • Reporting can show evidence of Customer Care.
  • Save costs. Avoid service issues and possible downtime due to non-compliance.
  • Less administration. Lower cost and less personnel to administer your services.

  • Security. Provide you with confidence that you are safe and knowledgeable on any of your clients ‘rogue’ activity.
  • Save costs. Less administration of your clients and service activities.
  • Compliance. Our monitoring reports will show clear steps of all types of compliance protection activities.
  • Evidence of Customer Care. Monitoring and Reporting of all of your clients.
  • Less administration cost. Lower your costs to administer Service Provider services.

  • Trust. Increases trust in a website and online business.
  • Authentication. Confirms the online business has been authenticated.
  • Confidence. Provides visitors the confidence to complete transactions.
  • More Payments. Converts browsing visitors into paying customers.


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