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Our Features

CampaignShield caters for companies that wish to get the maximum from their mobile campaigns (examples can be found below in ‘Who it works for’). CampaignShield works best for companies that do not have the resource or the skills in-house to manage and maintain their promotions whilst making sure they are both compliant and they are aware of any regulation or technical changes. Our service features include:

Accessible On-line!

Access your information and reports both on-line and via your mobile phone!

Well Documented

Easy to understand series of prompts, makes using CampaignShield a breeze.

Best Service Levels

We pride ourselves in making sure our support staff get back to you in a timely and professional manner.

Reports Analysis

Custom reports detailing all important aspects of your mobile campaigns.

Configure your Settings

Schedule reports and monitor your campaigns. Supports all Premium Rate services. e.g. PSMS, WAP Billing.

Ongoing Support

Support is provided on-line and via the phone, contactable when you need them.

Secure Administration

Protection from the outside world, with secure login credentials, keeping your data safe.

Knowledge Base

Help with how to use CampaignShield through a series of FAQ’s.


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Our Seal, Customer Confidence to Pay

Our CampaignShield Seal provides customer confidence to make payments. Our seal also provides useful features to aid customers interaction and website implementation to allow the ability to match the individual website style:

      • “Click to Verify” – customers can view website / content owner information for added credibility, displaying the date the site was last checked and monitored.
      • Selection of sizes and formats – static GIF, png.
      • Easy to install into any webpage – simply copy and paste small HTML code into the location on the page where you wish for the CampaigShield Site Seal to be displayed.

Who does CampaignShield work for?

CampaignShield monitors all of your mobile campaigns, across your Websites, Mobile Sites, Mobile Apps and Offline Media, including Print promotions. e.g. text to win competition. More examples can be found below, based on the media type:


Mobile Content Subscription services. £4.99 per week game.

Mobile Sites

Subscription Site membership. £9.99 for access.

Mobile Apps

Access to full version of mobile content. Unlock full version of mobile game.


Print. SMS Sweepstakes. Text to win.

Premium SMS Regulations

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