Where can I use CampaignShield?

Premium Rate Regulations

Our Coverage

CampaignShield works in many markets across the world. CampaignShield currently covers over 30 countries and 100 mobile operators! You can browse the complete list below or explore the map to get the full list. This list will be updated as we are constantly adding new countries and operators to our CampaignShield coverage.

One Product. One View. Across all of your Campaigns.

Run Mobile Payment Services in one or more countries? If its Premium Rate or Direct Operator Billing it does not matter. Want to make sure you get paid out and be attentive from the first customer phone call. Help protect your Campaigns internationally, with CampaignShield.

Don’t be reactive and sort the mess out after time. Whatever the market, be proactive, use CampaignShield and let it help you save money and much needed resource.

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Monitor your services. Multinationally.

You can find below the markets where if you operate Mobile Payments including Premium Rate Services (including billing across Premium Rate Numbers and Premium SMS) and need to keep on top of Premium Rate Regulations and Campaign changes, you can use CampaignShield. SIM Testing is also available in all these markets.


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