CampaignShield Seal – Customer Confidence to Pay

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Our Seal, Multiple Advantages:

  • Trust. Increases trust in a website and online business.
  • Authentication. Confirms the online business has been authenticated.
  • Confidence. Provides visitors the confidence to complete transactions.
  • More Payments. Converts browsing visitors into paying customers.

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Our Seal, Customer Confidence to Pay

Our CampaignShield Seal provides customer confidence to make payments. Our seal also provides useful features to aid customers interaction and website implementation to allow the ability to match the individual website style:

    • “Click to Verify” – customers can view website / content owner information for added credibility, displaying the date the site was last checked and monitored.
    • Selection of sizes and formats – static GIF, png.
    • Easy to install into any webpage – simply copy and paste small HTML code into the location on the page where you wish for the CampaigShield Site Seal to be displayed.

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