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About CampaignShield

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We monitor and report on your mobile campaigns

Choose which campaigns you want monitored (or select them all!). CampaignShield both monitors and delivers advanced reports based on the criteria selected.

In this day and age, staying compliant is essential. Our sophisticated software and support team enables you to concentrate on what you do best and allows you to leave the service promotion monitoring and updates to us. We provide this to you in an easy, digestible format.

CampaignShield works for Mobile Service Providers; Content Providers, Premium Rate Service providers and Mobile Aggregators, who have clients in the chain they would like to monitor.

Gain customer trust. Once you have added our CampaignShield Seal to your promotions, customer confidence is increased, resulting in more payments. Read more about our Seal in our features.


Protect your Brand and your Customers!

Protect your brand, and avoid service downtime from regulatory enquires and network auditing with CampaignShield. We help your campaigns stay live longer.

Our Support Agents work tirelessly to make sure your services and reports are as they need to be to satisfy the country regulations, protecting customers!

CampaignShield provides an unparalleled tool for Compliance and Monitoring support, across all aspects of Mobile Payments and Premium Rate servicesworking in two main ways:

    • Monitor and report on mobile payment flows, rules and changes - time and date stamped.
    • Monitor and report on mobile marketing (and affiliates marketing) - time and date stamped.

Sample Features

  • Premium Rate RegulationsFind any campaign in seconds

    Search and find one of you campaigns in just seconds and make the required adjustments to your promotions based on our reports.
  • Premium Rate ServicesMark your favourite Campaigns and set reporting periods

    Choose the frequency you would like your mobile campaigns monitored. If you would like to keep a closer eye on one service than another, with CampaignShield you can choose the reporting intervals easily online.

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